Cooking 101

Uly’s Fruit Punch

This is a punch that I make very often! Its good for any occasion!! Try it and see and then leave me your comments!  I normally make it the night before because it freezes really well and best served cold!!

You will need:
(Now I don’t measure my ingredients although I know I probably should)

-fruit punch kool-aid
-lemonade kool-aid
(I use the kind in the containers..not packets because they work better! Doesn’t matter the brand.)
-1 can each of pineapples – crushed or tidbits and tropical fruit (in juice)
-hawaiian punch (at least 2 flavors – I use lemonberry and orange)

Use a pitcher that you would normally use for making kool-aid or a punch bowl…mix some fruit punch kool-aid, lemonade kool-aid and sugar with about 1/2 pitcher of water.  *This mixture should be very concentrated…too sweet to drink alone.  Add the fruit along with the juice from it and stir until the sugar is dissolved! Fill your bowl or picture with the hawaiian punch using both kinds and your punch is made!

Its really is very simple. You can add fresh fruit if you would like as well as lemons and limes! But use extra sugar with lemons and limes to cut the bitterness and don’t let the lemons and limes sit in it overnight!!

Undoubtedly Loved by You!

Cooking 101!

Tips for a great Lasagna!!!

1. Use just enough sauce for it to be loose but not too much where its thin!
2.  If you are not boiling your noodles (& no you don’t have too), after you have laid your first layer of noodles add just enough water to cover them so they wont stick & burn while cooking!
3. Mix up your cheeses. Use shredded & sliced!
4. Season your meat while it cooks…otherwise it will be bland in your sauce!

Bake and enjoy!

I welcome you!

I am so excited to share with you my passion, my gift from God and one of the loves of my life – COOKING! Please feel free to browse through this blog and when you’re ready to be pleased with what I can do, contact ULY’s for all your catering needs!